Fortis Energy is a Turkey-based power company focused on providing clean energy solutions. Fortis Energy was founded in 2021 by the name change of Berak Energy which specializes in solar energy systems and electricity generation. As renewable energy solutions are at the forefront nowadays, Fortis Energy aims to be a vibrant technological application and R&D hub.

Fortis Energy produces 390.000.000 kWh of energy annually at it’s power plants all over Turkey. With the facilities located in Manisa, Denizli, Afyonkarahisar, İzmir, Bilecik, Balıkesir ve Burdur, Fortis Energy has become one of the leading companies in meeting Turkey’s ever growing energy demand. In the process of investments regarding solar power plant projects; engineering, procurement, and installation stages are carried out within the company and it’s resources.

Fortis Energy, which continues it’s “Solar Energy Generation” projects in Turkey, as well as Albania and N. Macedonia, aims to be one of the local and global leaders in the market.


Forcare carries out the remote monitoring and operating of the solar power plants of Fortis Energy and the biogas facilities. It operates security monitoring, energy production monitoring and general maintenance of the facilities. In addition, the company also provides operational services to energy facilities that do not belong to UCK group companies.


Fortis Şarj operates in electric vehicles and EV charging stations sectors. Company provides electric vehicle rental services, and charging stations for hybrid and electric cars.

Fortis Leasing

Fortis Leasing specializes in the energy sector and provides financial solutions for power plant investments with its expert team. It supports the implementation of projects with flexible and innovative leasing solutions tailored to different needs.


ForCity operates in the real estate sector. Company deals with real estate management and investments.


The company provides human resources services to Fortis Energy and Gireniz Energy companies.


The company provides car rental services and vehicles to Fortis Enerji and Gireniz Enerji companies.


UCK Agriculture participates in the private afforestation tenders of the Turkish Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture. These activities are carried out by renting lands that have lost their forest quality. In addition, UCK Agriculture is the parent company of 67 different agricultural companies.